Welcome to Maptime Cape Cod!

Maptime Cape Cod is a meetup where members can teach and learn about different geospatial technologies, work collaboratively on projects, and showcase their mapping successes. Suffice it to say, Maptime is a time for maps. We encourage an open learning environment for anyone regardless of experience. Anyone with an interest in a specific topic or, more broadly, mapping is welcome to attend. At its core, Maptime is all about learning from our peers to build a community of modern day cartographers on and around Cape Cod. That said, we ask you come to Maptime with your personal development in mind– please leave work projects at work.

We anticipate that Maptime Cape Cod will meet monthly at various locations around the Cape and possibly the south coast. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for future meetup topics, or if you know of any locations that can host us.

We look forward to seeing you!