Maptime Part Deux - Hooked on Web Maps

Ever wonder how a map gets from a piece of paper to your computer screen? Web maps might look like digital wizardry, but anyone can make a web map with a few lines of basic code. At this month’s Maptime, we will discuss the core components of a web map and popular web mapping libraries/tools you can use to share your geospatial insights with the world. We will even do a live demo and build a web map from scratch for our host, the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance.

New to web maps? No problem. We will cover the nuts and bolts that can get you up and running on your own. Are you one of those web mapping wizards? Come share your knowledge with the rest of us.

Please RSVP so we can accommodate everyone. Bring your laptop so that you can follow along and contribute. As always, beginners are most welcome! We hope to see you there for a night of fish and maps!

Important Details:

Time: Wednesday, May 13, 7-9pm

Place: Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance

Join us: Wednesday, May 13 2015